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Polish game producing company will employ a full-time programmer in Warsaw

Developer Unity 3D - mid / senior

- Good knowledge of the Unity 3D engine
- participation in at least one commercial project in Unity 3D

Monthly salary
- from PLN 7,000 to PLN 12,000 net (1,700 - 2,800 EUR)

What we provide:
- Interesting tasks related to creating ambitious games that players love (we have a wide coverage on Youtube).
- Help with flat and documents

To apply:
- Send an e-mail
* 200-300 line code sample in C #, which does something interesting and non-trivial (code does not compile, we want to see your coding style)
* Information about the projects that you worked on and your role in creating them
* Send CV (1 A4 page)

Private message or
My phone number: +48575328272
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